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New to Kayaking? Here's How You Can Get on a Fast Track to Increase Your Knowledge, Safety and Paddling Skill. Getting Started Kayaking Couldn't be Easier!

Are you a novice paddler? Three years ago I couldnít tell a creeker from a rodeo boat. Itís tough being a whitewater kayaking newbieótake advantage of my quest for mastery (and save yourself some painful and dangerous dunkings!)Ö.

Iím still no pro kayaker, heck, I only ran my first river three years ago in a beat-up Aire IK. But Iím telling you, it was a wild and wooly trip down the Owyhee River in eastern Oregonóblowing through a few tricky rapids as a novice was oh, so sweet! I was instantly hooked on kayaking and Iím betting you are too. Youíve got to admit thereís nothing more relaxing (and challenging) than running a riveróthose moments of sheer terror, the sense of accomplishment, the occasional swim (oh, yeah, I get seriously wet!). How about the feeling of rolling with a good crew of friends, or those serene moments when you 're just kicked-back, drifting along and taking in the deep beauty of nature?

If youíre like me when I first started, I was really confused, frustrated and more than a little intimidated by the whole kayaking scene. But I was hungry to learn everything I could about kayaking, so I read and researched and bent the ear of every good-to-great kayaker who would listen.


Now you can benefit from those efforts! I've put all the information and tips I discovered into Kayaking Basics and Beyond, an ebook that I guarantee will jump-start your kayaking skills and help you be a safer, more confident kayaker.

You’ll be blown away by the tips and techniques you’ll pick up from this Basic "everything about kayaks" ebook and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg! I’ll share everything I learned by the sweat of my brow for practically nothing--no kidding!

In Kayaking Basics and Beyond, you'll learn:

  • How to find the best kayak for you, and how to buy a kayak at a price you can afford (pages 11-13)

  • Everything you need to know about used kayaks, kayak gear and accessories (pages 16-22)

  • How to paddle a kayak, including the best strokes for pushing through rapids and dodging gnarly rocks (pages 26-38)

  • Rolling your kayak-—step-by-step guidance (pages 39-41)

  • Kayaking safety—hand and arm signals, common river hazards (pages 43-45)

  • The art of reading and understanding whitewater (pages 49-54)

  • River running techniques (pages 52-53)

  • River safety and common river hazards (page 45-50)

  • Tips from the pros, and more…

Leap to the head of the class...

Will you be an expert kayaker after reading and studying this ebook? Not! But I promise you'll be miles ahead of most people who are just beginning paddlers.

Find it all in one place...

I'm going to give you everything you need to understand paddling gear, plan your kayaking trip, and safely paddle your kayak.

Whatever you need, you'll find it in this essential whitewater kayaking reference. Includes detailed illustrations, stunning photos and links to illustrating videos.

Did I mention it’s not an expensive book?  This ebook regularly sells for $29.95 or more and it’s a bargain at that price.  But I’m selling it for a limited time for only $14.95 as my way of saying, “Thanks for your support of www.activekayak.com!”

AT $14.95 Kayaking Basics and Beyond is dirt cheap for the amount of time saving, maybe even life-saving information we’ve jam-packed into it - in fact, you won’t believe how much great information we have crammed into this ebook.

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Weíve assembled all of the lessons from our online Basic Kayaking course (a course completed by over 700 new kayakers this year alone!) plus several new chapters into a dynamite ebook thatís chock full of kayaking instruction and tips. Once payment has been made, this book will be available for instant download as a pdf or zip file.


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